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She is a drug and you are killing yourself

I look at you and my heart splinters into my lungs.

I collapse,

the floor is my only solace as I scream at your bedroom ceiling.

You are a shell of a boy I once knew,

now consumed by tasteless sweet nothings

and cheap perfume.

Do you think she cares about you?

Or does her "lonely" scream louder than her "I loves you's"?

She's incapable.

of feeling.

of honesty

and truth.

She is stringing you along

like a ratted old teddy.

She is a child and she will play with your heart

without caution because she has never learned how to value a single thing in her depressing life.

but you,

you are blind and hopeful

and without her you struggle to say your own name

and everythings a mess because you are the same home,

but your furniture has been rearranged.

you are lost.

and I get it

I do

but the difference is that I am still here

still fighting for truth

while you wither away with a vape

and empty promises.

It's hard for me to not be angry with the little things

you do to sabotage your own happiness

because all of the littles become bigs

and I'm tired of the holes you dig

and fill

as you pour every last bit of common sense into it


My throat is tired from singing cautionary tales.

You don't listen.

and I need to let you go.

You are not my burden

and I am not your keeper.

You are an addict and there is nothing I can do for you.

She is a drug and you are killing yourself.

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