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His truth is known instinctively.

I have felt so unsettled recently when I hear fellow Christians use the grace message as a means to justify their future short comings. Sure, I agree that God loves us so much that when we sin it doesn't mean it's the end for us, but it's so much more than a 'Do what you please. I'll forgive you later.' sort of thing.

In the old testament people had to sacrifice animals as a way to obtain forgiveness for their sins, but when Jesus died on the cross He became the ultimate sacrifice, and I feel as though we take that for granted.

I'm not sure if you've noticed this or not, but we aren't sacrificing little lambs anymore. Jesus paid the price for our salvation... So why aren't we behaving in such a way that is honouring to Yahweh?

Time and time again I hear this narrative amongst believers,

"I can sin now because God will forgive me later."
"I'm like the prodigal son. Let me live and God will be waiting to welcome me back when I'm finished sowing my wild oats."

This narrative makes my heart sick.

Jesus didn't endure all of that pain and suffering for us to just abuse His gift of salvation, but not many people see it that way. Some believe this narrative, but in reality we need to truly be sorry for our sins. If you've purposefully stepped into sin, then how can you do so with the intent to be truthfully sorry when asking for forgiveness? And remember, you need to do more than just expect forgiveness... You need to find your way back to Him.

I've personally witnessed people use the grace message as a pass to sin, but to them I say, learn discipline.

We can no longer act as if it is okay for our flesh to rule our decisions and actions because of the fact that God is forgiving. Of course He is forgiving! He is a good good Father, but we need to governor our lives!

We let earthly culture and society determine our beliefs and I am tired of watching my Christian brothers and sisters fall victim to a satanic belief system.

We are so much more than this! Why do we place so much value in the darkness of this world? I am honestly confused...

Read ROMANS 1:19-22

19 In reality, the truth of God is known instinctively, for God has embedded this knowledge inside every human heart. 20 Opposition to truth cannot be excused on the basis of ignorance, because from the creation of the world, the invisible qualities of God’s nature have been made visible, such as his eternal power and transcendence. He has made his wonderful attributes easily perceived, for seeing the visible makes us understand the invisible. So then, this leaves everyone without excuse.


21 Throughout human history the fingerprints of God were upon them,yet they refused to honor him as God or even be thankful for his kindness. Instead, they entertained corrupt and foolish thoughts about what God was like. This left them with nothing but misguided hearts, steeped in moral darkness. 22 Although claiming to be wise, they were in fact shallow fools.

Does this not clearly say that we should know better?

It breaks my heart to watch as the world chooses to walk in darkness all because they have been taught a false truth about God and His goodness.

Yes, God will always be there to love and forgive you, but the bible also says in Romans 1: 26-32 that God gave them over to their sinful ways because of their choices to be disobedient to Him EVEN THOUGH they knew better.

In the beginning, when Yahweh created man, He created man in His own image and likeness. We have His DNA and whether you consciously know it or not, the truth of God is known instinctively, because HE has embedded this knowledge in our hearts.

This is not meant to be judgmental blog post, but more so an outcry to HIS people to start saying yes to His truth instead of using salvation and forgivingness as a crutch.

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