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Don't Share Your Dreams With People Who Don't Support You.

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I'm a pretty big dreamer. I always have been and always will be, but when I was younger I used to share all of my big dreams and ideas with anyone who would listen.

More often than not my dreams were met with "reality" and negative comments from those I'd share them with. Nothing is worse than having someone tell you that your dream isn't possible or that they are simply "too big" for you to accomplish. And to make matters worse, I am highly sensitive. So needless to say, those conversations never ended well.

I'd feel defeated and immediately want to give up on them, but one day while I was having one of my 'down in the dump' moments my dad pulled me aside and said,

"Don't share your dreams with people who don't support you."

But they're my friends, I thought. Of course they support me, right? I always just thought that maybe their negative outlooks came from a place of wisdom and protection...

And maybe I was the one who needed to get my head out of the clouds. I so badly wanted to believe that at least my friends would be my cheerleaders, but that's not always true. Sometimes even the people you are closest with won't understand your dreams. Especially if God has specifically given you those dreams, desires, and instructions. Let's be real for a second. God gave that dream to you and not them so it makes sense that it may be hard for some to believe in it.

Once I took my dad's words into consideration, I began applying it to my everyday life and I started to notice a shift. I became more confident and even worked harder towards my goals. It's funny because at times I still wanted to share my plans and dreams with the whole world. It's only natural, but be patient. Wait for the fruit to start forming before you let people judge your dream. This scripture in Matthew always comes to mind.

Matthew 7:16

"You will know them by their fruits."

It's important to PROTECT your dreams. And the friends you will be able to share those dreams with will protect them as well. So choose wisely who you share your dreams with.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes people will be jealous of your dreams and goals. And that could potentially be the reason why some of my friends in the past didn't want to support me through it. It could have also been because they were scared to see me get hurt, but either way, PROTECT it. Especially if Yahweh has placed it in your heart.

You've got this! And when the time is right, and your fruits are growing, your dreams won't be dreams anymore! They will be a reality! And people can't stop you from pursuing what is already a reality!

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