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An Adventure Awaits.

I am itching to go on an adventure.

I’ve always liked the idea of being settled and having a routine, but honestly it’s just not in my nature to be in one place for too long. It’s tough because on the one hand where there is a routine there is control and stability, but on the other hand it can also breed idleness and lack of purpose…

And that’s how I’m feeling right now in life. Like there is a lack of purpose and it’s making me want to escape the old and go boldly into the new. Maybe I just need to go take a trip? Rekindle a passion and drive for life? Maybe breathe in unfamiliar air?

Do you ever do that? Breathe in deep when you arrive in a new place? I know I do. It’s like I never want to forget this moment, so I take a second and take a deep breath.

Oh what I’d give to do that again.

Covid has made it nearly impossible for anyone to go on adventures anymore.

Where there was once excitement and wonder now lies fear and restriction. I hate that. Some of us survive on the thrill of exploring new places and adding new experiences to the books that are our lives. Maybe that’s the wrench in my passion for life right now?

Regardless, I need to “move”. Being stagnant for so long can really burn out a person, so I’ve decided that i’m going on an adventure! I’m not sure how or when yet, but I know that its going to happen. My cousin said it well,

an inspiring thought without action doesn’t create anything.

So with that being said, soon I will put my inspiring thought into motion, but for now I will just dream of all the possibility that may be out there.

And you best believe I will dream big because I know


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